From the recording Imaginuity

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Living at the dead end
of a one way street.
Bars on the windows
Mental chains on your feet
A TV babysitter keeps you glued in every room
With every gory detail of our own eventual doom

The cities and towns I once knew so well are
People living in a hopeful despair
They don't realize 
That their heros won't come
To whisk them all away from there

Nowhere to go. Nowhere to stay
Lost in a labyrinth of doom and dismay
Trapped in a prison
constructed in your mind
Spring wound so tight
It’s broke and won't unwind


Can you here the sound of the “trickle down effect”?
I didn’t think so, and what did you expect?
“In God we trust” so all others pay cash
And if you don’t have it, you’re put out with the trash
Darwinistic society, good for the masses
More money and power for the so called ‘upper classes’.
If you’re born into a family of the privileged few
None of the ‘Laws of Man’ will be applied to you.

The Congress and the Senate
Just the same as ancient Rome
Corrupt to the core, to the marrow of bone
YOU are the sacrifice they lay before their gods
Like lambs to the slaughter the 99% plod

Afraid of the future and ashamed of our past
How much longer can this foolishness last?
Pretending you're not shackled
from the cradle to the grave
In "The land of the free
and the home of the brave."
The land of the fleeced
and the home of the slave.