His god is Money

You've been spoon fed propaganda.
He plays upon your fear
He tells those that listen
What they want to hear
He locks children up in cages
And thinks that it's funny
But you should realize
His only god is money.
I know you really worship this guy
but for the life of me I can't figure out why
Seems all he does Is cheat and lie
He couldn't care less If you live or die

His god is money.

Please enlighten me
As to why he's your choice
I'm hoping that in time
You will hear my voice
And see through the mask
That he presents those who follow
The promises he offers
Are empty and hollow

I fear for the country
On the path we’re heading down
I fear for the world
And this man who claims a crown
Doesn’t want his story shared
What does he have to hide?
I’m sickened by his taking
Our country for a ride.

By the time his followers understand
It’s going to be too late
There’ll be no way to fix it
He won’t “Make America Great”
He’ll wheel and deal for himself
And the rest of us can burn
Repeat the same mistakes again
Some people never learn

His god is money.