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When I ran away with the circus
I learned to juggle fire
Carried water and food
for the tigers and lions
And I danced upon the highest of wires

The clowns and the bearded lady
The barkers, the wranglers all friends
We would build up the tent
A glittering spectacle of a show
And then we’d tear it all down again

The road was always calling
For the next town waiting to see
The greatest show on this planet
It’s circus life for me.

I ran away with the circus

It’ truly is a freedom
so few ever know
Sleeping under the nights stars
A new place whereever you go

The time we spend together
is a special time indeed
The magic of the circus
Brings a smile to those in need.

I ran away with the circus
I ran away with the circus
I ran away with the circus
I ran away with the circus


And now ladies and gentlemen
If you would please direct your attention to the center ring
for your pleasure and amazement
That you will remember for a lifetime

This, my friends, is pure entertainment
a ballet of the most exquisite creatures
assembled in one place for you to see
Elephants, horses, and llamas
all moving in perfect synchronicity

And if you will direct your eyes high above
you will witness a visual display,
As we release a thousand white doves
Flying through the air!

And what is this?
Why, it’s more than you could ever have imagined!
All the colors of this extravaganza
The magic of the big top
The whole world before your very eyes

All of this, just for you!