1. Into The Fire
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Joonas Taneli, banjo

Joonas is of the Finnish band "River String Lizardsin" and laid down the banjo track while he was visiting the island.


into the fire

Back in the last millennium
I sang a young man’s song
Didn’t matter much to me
if I did right or wrong
All the time before me was
Forever waiting there
Young as life’s adventure
Wild, and free, and fair

With two cents in my pocket
And the clothes upon my back
I made my way toward Mexico
In a stolen Cadillac
As I crossed into Arkansas
‘met a girl with a pretty smile
said she’d like to stay with me
‘least, for a little while’

Eeew weee!
To live a life that’s free
Is my desire
but then I stepped into the fire.

Said the law was chasin’ her
Told what her daddy’d done
How she’d shot him down in cold blood
Then she showed me the gun
Stealin’ cars was one thing
Murder another still
My how things get turned around
I felt a sudden chill

One foot through the floorboard
put miles ‘tween us and them
She spit three times over her shoulder
and she never looked back again
We took a left near Hot Springs
And drove all day and night
Pulled off before sunrise
The boarder just in sight

Her sleepy head in my lap
I lay back to catch some “Z’s”
dreamed about her perfect smile
how her hair blew in the breeze
It seemed to be so perfect
to float without a care
when I woke up with start
and realized she wasn’t there

Policeman tapping at the window
And the gun there on the floor
He asked to see my papers
And I felt that chill once more
The judge he found me guilty
Of crimes I did and didn’t do
Gave all the time before me
And even more before he’s through

The trial was quick, and they say fair
The first is surely true,
So they locked me in a cell here
With some other worthless fools,
At night as I lay down to sleep
I see that young girl’s face.
She keeps me such good company,
As I rot here in this place

I don’t know if she made it
to that golden ocean shore
It’s been so long since those days
I can’t see her face no more
but in my dreams at night
I see the sunshine of her smile
and taste a little bit of freedom
at least for a little while