1. To Our Home
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To Our Home

Standing close factors beyond the old yesteryear
embrace the sun with the rivals of life
Man, being both friend and foe to the atmosphere,
brings forth the fruits but in doing so dies

Shepherding inner worlds beyond the storming swirls
nonsense and worse argue men of the age
But on the other hand, theory will never stand
when all the facts have simply displayed

drifting down toward the surface
liquids, pool and flow
enormous oceans
‘neath a blueberry shroud
a world of ephemeral mystery
“Is this how it is?”
I wonder aloud

Dust that is lifted up out of the rings become
revealing structures that steer middle course
I listened carefully diverse but graphically
of simple escape to ships from the north

Icy hole in the ground,
bounced, slid, and wobbled round.
disappeared over the highland ravines
carved by the liquid light
solar winds whip the night
magnetic fields
That are felt but not be seen.

Carry us onward
To our home

©2019 Lance Harrison