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Keep on lovin’ you

I came home, a little bit early
to give you a nice surprise
but you made a fool of me
and it really opened up my eyes

Sombody’s in, my parking place
Like you, it seemed to be occupied
“All those lonely days, all by myself,” (Yeah right, baby... )
turns out to be a lot more of your lies.

I gave you my heart,
I gave you my soul,
I said I’d keep lovin’ you
‘til I was a million years old.
You don’t care,
You don’t care,
You don’t care,
not one bit what you do
As long as I manage’
to keep on lovin’ you

I don’t know why, I put up with this
and live out my life in hell.
You must have entangled my heart
In some wicked Voodoo spell

I swear that someday, I’m going to break free
And run just as far as I can
I’ll find me a place, where
You’re never going to find “your man”

©2019 Lance Harrison