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Drunkard’s Game

Walked into the package store
like its a long lost friend
Pulled the money from my pocket
Then I put it back again
The bottle really knows my name
And it calls me where I stand
False promises of redemption
They’re all lies, I understand

Maybe this time
I can face it like a man
Maybe this time
I'll be strong enough to win

I can’t remember how I got here
Or why it always goes the same
It seems I tend to loose every time
that I play this drunkard’s game.

The webs I weave for my protection
Trap me nearly every time
Silky lies of deceit and deception
Show the outlines of my crimes
The wrath of God is waiting for me
When I've finally cash it in
’Till then devil calls me back
to get another 5th of gin

I dead yet, I ain't done
Maybe I’ll have another one
I’ll have another glass of wine
two or three more and I’ll feel just fine
Cheap whiskey, cheap beer
I’ve lived on that for many a year.
Tomorrow is another day.

©2019 Lance Harrison