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Soul Gypsies

Soul Gypsies is Lance on guitars, Niall Mathewson on bass and Cesar Toni on drums 

We had been on the island so very long. I really needed to play music with some other people. I told someone, when explaining this, that "Music is like sex, sure you can do it by yourself but it's so much more fun to share it with someone else." And with music, the more the merrier! We had heard that there was a place in Siem Reap that was rocking... X Bar, so we went. I sat in with the local musicians, had a great time and we decided to return for a season.  After we arrived and got settled in we met some other musicians that had just arrived, formed a band to fill a programming slot that had come available and the "Blue Wizards" were born. The first gig was disastrous, the bass player didn't show and we had to use a stand in and the drummer who could play like Buddy Rich couldn't when he was trashed, and he got smashed just before the show. 

Then I met a nice couple who had just been playing China for the last four years. Cesar Toni is a very talented drummer from Brasil and was ready to rock, but we needed a bass player, too. Cesar suggested that his girlfriend Zhenya Nova of Siberia play bass on keys. She worked hard at it and really rocked it like a bass player! Since it was easier to book three people over four, both could sing and they were already a unit together the band was formed. After a few rehearsals we were ready and "Soul Gypsies" was born!We were tight! We played several of the better clubs to play and started to get a following. We rocked the bars with blues and soul. But the bass playing was taking a toll on Zhenya and she decided to pursue other interests.  



We needed a bass player again. There were a few that filled in for a couple of shows but they were all too slap happy and couldn't just fit in the pocket. Then Niall from Aberdeen, Scotland came on the scene. Niall was already in a quite successful band and is basically retired to Siem Reap to compose and record movie soundtracks. What a godsend! Then the band really began to rock it out!  

Soul Gypsies  

This is one of Lance's songs, "Lift Off, I'm Gone!"

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Soul Gypsies