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Lance Harrison is a master of the guitar, he suffers and celebrates with it, singing with his husky voice he takes his listeners on a journey through centuries of classic blues. That’s blues as it lives.”

— Roth-Hiplotsteiner Volkszeitung, DE

Lance creates songs that sound and feel authentic. The nuances of the music really come across during live performances... he is an interesting musician that manifests traditional blues music and brings it across in a unique way.”

— bluesnews, DE


Lance Harrison playing resonator

"Its about the music, 

it always has been."

“Although he does feel inspired by blues artists like Muddy Waters and Blind Willie Johnson and you can feel the blues in each of his songs, Mr. Harrison does not wear musical blinders. Each and every song tells its own special story, that also reflects in his music. “I don’t want to just spit out the stories. They’re like people, each one has it’s individual character.” - bluesnews

Lance was born at a very early age in Nashville, Tennessee, on the same day as the famous nuclear test at Bikini Island, where he exploded into this world on a musical mission. It all began when the doctor smacked his butt. Drawing his first breath, Lance sang out in a loud, clear voice. The mission was soon continued when his mother placed a ukulele in his baby bed. A talented singer, pianist and community activist, she made a huge variety of music available to him from Broadway to Blues, Folk to Classical and everything in between. Lance began playing the piano as soon as he could touch the keys, composing songs at age 5. He was dutifully made to take piano lessons, but soon got kicked out for "playing everything by ear". It is said that the teacher begged his mother not to make him return to the lessons.

Around age 13, after showing great promise on borrowed guitars, Lance finally got his own for Christmas! Lance, his guitar, and the stereo hi-fi were inseparable. Elmore James, Rolling Stones, Led Zep, Muddy Waters, Little Feat and so many more; track by track, groove by groove, Lance dissected their extensive record collection learning all he could about timing, phrasing, tone and the soul of music. Living on the division line of the "white" and "colored" part of the city, Lance found his musical playmates weren't so plentiful on 'his side' of the tracks, so he crossed them. What followed was an intense school of Blues and Soul. Lance was well known for his ability to pick up most any instrument and play it! The favorite game at parties was to "Stump the Lance" meaning to request a song he couldn't play... he seldom lost.

After countless rock, country and blues bands, theater productions, and musical tours, he returned to Nashville where he met Donna. They started a demo studio in the enormous basement of her house on the first hill overlooking famous "Music Row". Life was good until that fateful day, when all was lost sending them out into the world on their musical odyssey. Now after more than 30 countries and several well acclaimed CD's Donna has decided to retire while Lance... well, there's no stopping him.  Lance is still stirring up the audiences all over the world with his honest interpretations of blues classics and fresh, original compositions.

interview with Lance on the Rock Times website! 
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