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Lance & Donna... One of the most original duos of the European blues scene! With sounds more ‘roots’ than you can imagine, in concert, they are capable of miracles.”

— Bluesboarder Magazine, FR/BE

They are an extremely powerful duo, with a demanding stage presence! ”

— Indie Blues Magazine, UK

The genuine flavor of their music goes beyond time, space and trends. A music that makes the links between pre-war blues and today is a proof that Einstein was right.  ”

— Steffan Rock, DE

Lance and Donna

In the early 90s, Lance Harrison and Donna Howley became known to Nashville R&B audiences as "Lance & Donna" and had settled into a comfortable life as musicians and owners of a demo/recording studio off of the city's fabled Music Row. But in 1992, their life was jolted by an unexpected blow that would leave them without a home or business and send them on a quest of renewed discovery for the roots of the Blues.

Left without anything except their dream of pursuing music and travel, they began backpacking, hitchhiking and playing the streets. They traveled throughout Europe to the Middle East and on to Asia, Central and South America leading the lives of true 'Blues Troubadours'. In 1996, they dedicated themselves to Europe by buying a vintage camping van. Fate struck when a blown engine left them stranded on the streets of France, where they were discovered by the organizers of a major blues festival, taken off the street and put on the stage. And there they remained for many years, to the delight of Blues fans throughout Europe. Turning up in France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Lance and Donna seemed to be everywhere!

Lance & Donna's emphasis on pre-war Blues is reflected in Lance's style and interpretation, as well as his original compositions. In 2005 they released their critically acclaimed CD "The Sun Will Shine". Through their performances in clubs and festivals, they gained recognition by the French Blues community and captivated German audiences as well as the rest of Europe. 

Eventually they decided to return to the road and move on to warmer climates, being troubadours in the truest sense of the word. While Donna has now retired from the stage, they currently reside in Southern Laos on a Mekong island where Lance continues to explore and travels to wherever the music leads them. The beat goes on!


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Press Clippings



“They sweat the blues! Lance and Donna left a really big impression on this festival!” 
- Sud Ouest, FR - Cognac Blues Passion

"They are an extremely powerful duo, with a demanding stage presence!" 
- Indie Blues Magazine, UK

"Lance & Donna were the first American artists that Saturday. I must admit that, after listening to their CD, I was afraid of how they would do on such a big stage and audience, but after only a couple of minutes my worries disappeared. There was so much energy and fire in their music and the audience fell for them from the beginning and sang along with them. Thanks to the organizers for bringing such a great duo to Poland."
- Andrzej Matysik - Twoj Blues, PL

“Exotics such as Lance and Donna, have shown that old blues does not exclusively live in eccentric and loud blues rock. Songs that will make you lift off and fly away..." 
- Nürnberger Nachrichten, DE

"It always feels good to listen to people, who’s authentic blues songs, which we have gotten fond of, are performed on stage, very imaginable on a beautiful evening." 
- Bluesnews, DE

"Travelling blues is the theme of these 2 musicians who have traveled the world with their stylistic versatility. From delta blues to Chicago and back. Lance and Donna have invalidated the old cliché, that blues is only depressive complaining."
- Süddeutsche Zeitung, DE