The delayed album release...

I know, I was going to release this next album in February but I decided it really wasn't finished! So, I sat down and wrote some more lyrics and added a few new songs.

One song came to me from an old friend that found me on Facebook. Way back in high school days, we had performed a song he had written the lyrics to, and I the music, for a school event. He sent me lyrics which were part of the event's program sheet. Neither of us could remember the music so I went to re-imagining how it would have gone. He loved it, so did I and he agreed it should be on this release of the new album!

Another addition is a song I have played for friends, one of which he claims, "Bro. I have always LOVED this song. The only song written by anyone I know that I have sung throughout the years." and he knows a lot of songwriters! It's called "Smash Your TV Set!"

I only have a little more to do to finish which I hope to do post haste!

Stay safe! Be kind to each other.


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