New album on the way! 

With rainy season officially over, winter is coming to our island. It was a freezing 62 degrees F this morning making it difficult to roll out of bed! It does warm up as the day goes along climbing up to a more comfortable 84 degrees F. I changed the strings on the acoustic guitar today as I'm putting the finishing touches to the next album (still as yet untitled). I hope to have it released by the New Year. Currently featuring 12 songs, some instrumentals and some with lyrics, it's an interesting mix of my imaginings. One of the songs, included in this blog post, is rather political in nature in that it points out something a bit obvious... to me. It may be offensive to some of you but I can't help but speak the truth of the matter. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

In other news, Donna's knee surgery went well and she is walking again! We're really happy about that! Now we are back on the road to good health with diet and exercise. I can't go back to visit the USA as overweight as I am now! I alway gain weight on our American visit.

'till the next entry.....

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