Apparently I'm not good at blogging!

I don't use the blog as a 'go to' to get my thoughts out. But I figure I may as well keep trying to write more. We just got back from the U.S. of America. LA to Nashville, two months then back to LA and out. We had a real good time with friends and family. We cleaned out a storage room that we had been renting for way too long, had a giant yard sale, gave all the rest to Goodwill. Well, not all. We still have over 50 major works of art by Donna's ex-hunband, the late Arthur Orr. My son has graciously agreed to store them in his garage of his new home. Also stored there are a few boxes of photos, writing and memories that will become "The Book". We told some of our travel stories while we were there and we got so many exuberant responses that we really should write the book! We have some old interviews that we need to transcribe which would be a good start and I think what I'm saying is... maybe it's time.

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