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Welcome to Lance's World!

Here you will find the music and art of Lance Harrison as it is newly made, discovered and re-discovered.  The CD Baby store features all of the currently available titles under various monikers. Starting with "Lance & Donna"s acoustic blues to the most recent musical identity, being a big mix of styles, under the pseudonym of "Nosirrah Ecnal".  
Nosirrah Ecnal is the name I assumed after my real name was hijacked by my blues musician/entertainer persona. I did not want to confuse people with what I'm doing now with what I was doing before. If I had been smarter about it on the outset, I would have assumed a good blues moniker like "Myopic Willie Jefferson" and been able to keep my own name.  But no matter. The music is the important thing here! 

Listen to it for yourself and make your own opinion as to what this music is about.  All I know is that everyone I play it for seems to really like it!  Remember, they are all very different from each other and if you come up with a genre for it... please, let me know!

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