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Nosirrah Ecnal IV

Nosirrah Ecnal

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Nosirrah Ecnal IV

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The 4th album from Nosirrah Ecnal.
13 songs adding up to 1 hr and 1 minute of original music!

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Here you will find the music and art of Lance Harrison as it is newly made, discovered and re-discovered. Free downloads of some choice tunes and album discounts for site visitors! All my latest videos that I’ve made are here! The CD Baby store features all of the currently available titles under various monikers. Starting with "Lance & Donna"s acoustic blues to the most recent musical identity, being a big mix of styles, under the pseudonym of "Nosirrah Ecnal".  

Nosirrah Ecnal is the name I assumed after my real name was hijacked by my blues musician/entertainer persona. I did not want to confuse people with what I'm doing now with what I was doing before. If I had been smarter about it at the onset, I would have assumed a good blues moniker like "Myopic Willie Jefferson" and been able to keep my own name. But no matter. The music is the important thing here! So I took on my name in reverse, it sounded exotic. LOL! An interesting thing about taking on a different moniker is that it frees you up from any perceived identity allowing untethered exploration into unknown territories musically. I’ve been very happy with all the places my musical explorations have taken me. I try to let the song itself dictate the story and direction of the music. Being a multi instrumentalist and through the miracle of modern recording equipment, I’m able to bring the sounds I hear in my head and bring them to life in recordings. As good of musicians as I’ve played with, I have lacked the ability to help them understand what I hear and have them play those parts. It has been an interesting time in my life. Freedom of expression.

I have been asking people to help me identify what ‘genre’ of music I should classify my newer songs under. Some of the answers include; experimental alternative, songwriter, diversified, varied, electro psychedelic funk, etc. It has been explained to me, by several people, that if one is ‘diversified’ as a musician people won’t listen because 1) they don’t know what genre to put you into and/or 2) what to expect to hear when your song is played. When booking shows in Europe for my band I was told, “You are an acoustic slide blues player. You don’t play electric guitar with a band! This is the slot you are identified as.” So, what they are saying is I’m to never grow musically, that all musicians are ‘one trick ponies’ like all the other ‘ponies’ they book into concerts and festivals. I find this incredibly sad. I love acoustic slide blues! I also love all forms of musical expression, some more than others but so far… truly all if it comes from the heart.

So, if you are looking for the typically banal, milk toast, corporate bullshit that the ‘music’ companies push out as ‘hits’ then you have stumbled upon the wrong site and I suggest you search for Britany Spears or whatever formula constructed crap they are pushing these days to teenagers to rob their parents of their hard earned money. Here you will find music that follows no trend or even a particular direction. Here you will find real music made from the heart telling stories that come as they come. I’m proud of the music I make! I hope you enjoy it and perhaps find the music I make touches you in some special way.

For those that visit this site I bring you much of the music that I’ve made but there are lots more bits and pieces of stories that are still being whispered to me and as I learn their stories. I will present them to you in time. Perhaps with a low priced subscription section that will hold everything, past, present, demos and ideas! The complete works.

Anyway, listen to it for yourself and make your own opinion as to what this music is about. All I know is that everyone I play it for seems to really like it! They are all very different from each other.