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It's Here!!!

I’m proud to announce I’ve just released my latest album, “Nosirrah Ecnal - IV” with thirteen new songs!

So, to celebrate I am offering it up here to our friends for $5 for the first month! (regularly $9.99)

Of course it will also be available everywhere else, just not at this price so follow this link for the deal.

Thank you for your support!

The new album is almost finished and should be up in a few days!

Donna has been very patient with me. After some very long and intense days of adding harmonies, re-mixing, listening over and over, remixing and finally mastering the first of two new albums is finished and being uploaded to CD Baby! Soon they will be distributed to all the online streaming services and purchase points like iTunes. The rough mixes on Soundcloud will be removed and new working will be uploaded until they are released. This is the way I'm doing it so if you want sneak previews that's where to check out the new music... free. Just know that the final mixes really sound great!

This is the cover for the latest....

Album Cover

Prolifically writing new songs!

I have been knocking out lots of new songs! Almost one a day for the last weeks. I posted them on Soundcloud and then put a link to them on Facebook. On FB I normally get a lot of 'hits' on most everything I post but strangely, when I post a link to my music I get about 4 hits. I found out from friends that the music posts just aren't showing up! It seems that they don't want you to promote your music (or product) unless you pay them! "Would you like to 'boost' your post?" Other friends have told me that they have removed music players and other music promotion apps from the FB sites. It must have worked too well. But you can pay them!
Anyway this is a link to my Soundcloud where you can here the raw semi mixed tracks of my upcoming tunes!


Apparently I'm not good at blogging!

I don't use the blog as a 'go to' to get my thoughts out. But I figure I may as well keep trying to write more. We just got back from the U.S. of America. LA to Nashville, two months then back to LA and out. We had a real good time with friends and family. We cleaned out a storage room that we had been renting for way too long, had a giant yard sale, gave all the rest to Goodwill. Well, not all. We still have over 50 major works of art by Donna's ex-hunband, the late Arthur Orr. My son has graciously agreed to store them in his garage of his new home. Also stored there are a few boxes of photos, writing and memories that will become "The Book". We told some of our travel stories while we were there and we got so many exuberant responses that we really should write the book! We have some old interviews that we need to transcribe which would be a good start and I think what I'm saying is... maybe it's time.

It's up! The website is online!

What a confusing bunch of hoops you have to pass through to transfer from one service to another! Both were helpful and it finally happened. I'm curious what you think of the site. Anything that you find missing? Something that would make it better?  Let me know!

Now it's back to working all those other projects that seem to fill my day much better than camping out on Facebook. The turmoil post USA election is just to much to keep trying to follow and it's not like we change anything by reading about it. We help where we can with donations but life continues. Here's few good ones that can help make a real difference. We must move forward.

Planned Parenthood - A donation to the organization would help keep clinics open and make crucial information available to the public, with the proceeds shared between the local affiliate and the wider federal group.

Center for Reproductive Rights - The center aims to legally advocate for reproductive rights, including access to birth control, safe abortion procedures, and unbiased sources of information.

Natural Resources Defense Council - The group works to safeguard communities across the globe, pushing for environmental laws that help protect the ecosystem.

International Refugee Assistance Project - Supporting the IRAP will ensure refugees get the legal support they need, with or without the support of the U.S. president.

NAACP Legal Defense Fund - Supporting the NAACP Legal Defense Fund will protect minorities’ civil rights.

The Trevor Project - Provides resources for LGBT individuals and offer suicide prevention services.

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund - Seeks to help Mexican Americans and support them in legal issues.


I've been working on the new website now for about 4 days and just about have it in good enough shape to launch it. Most everything in one place; videos, photos, a store with CDs and t-shirts, info about Lance music configurations. It feels pretty good to me! I'm always open to suggestions so feel free to contribute! Thanks, L

Well. the USA election is over.

Maybe now we can all get back to work! 

I was reading an article the other day about how creativity is falling behind due to so many people spending so much time connected to Facebook, SnapChat, whatever. I admittedly spend way to much time online. So, my post election resolution is to break free of the constant attention I give to the news and get back to writing more music! All the best. L

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