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☆ Nosirrah Ecnal

Nosirrah Ecnal

Little is truly known about Nosirrah Ecnal as he keeps himself busy concentrating on his music in and out of the studio refusing interviews at most all opportunities. What we can surmise is that Nosirrah experiments with the many different attributes this world offers learning what he could, and could not, incorporate into the movements of life and the universe around him. That is not to say that this exploration has come to an end, for there is no final point to which one may 'arrive' through the personally formidable quest, the Sacré Grail, of one's existence except by the final interruption of said odyssey, perhaps only to be continued into the next. No, far from it! It is said, "It is the journey, not the destination." The adventure seems to be continually at the dawning of new and exhilarating opportunities to develop and expand like the universe. 
"Listen to the music." he says.  
And he's right, its all there. Just listen.

 * Currently there are four albums available at CDBaby and most digital distribution points. A fifth album is currently in the works.