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☆ Lance Harrison Band

Lance Harrison Band

The Lance Harrison Band (USA) plays Original American Southern Roots, Rock & Blues music. This is not a "cover band" playing the same worn out renditions of "Sweet Home Chicago". The Lance Harrison Band plays music that has naturally progressed out of the tradition of southern delta blues to become it's own!


Lance (USA) slide guitar / lapsteel / guitars / vocals

Paco Saval (Chile) keyboards / vocals


Manju B (Germany) bass  ♫ Ralph Schläger (Germany) drums





"A very remarkable 1st by the Lance Harrison Band."


"For the first time Lance Harrison the man from Nashville, Tennessee, who usually performs with his partner Donna Rae presents us with "No Rest For The Wicked" from his own band. And with this album edition he has delivered, without an exception, songs which are just fun to listen to. Defenders of classic blues may have a different opinion, but it’s Harrison’s approach to folk rock of the west coast which gives the album flair and thru his winking in the direction of pop music, which is critical for this airy and transparent sound frees the CD from any doggedness. He has an unheard talent for developing precise songs thru the roots of blues, which thru pushing grooves are distinguished and easy going. Although he is an extremely versatile guitar player, he is not a friend of endless solos, he ads his short insertion in the service of the composition and shows his class rather in detail. Although through the whole album the listener will be encompassed with a touch of sophistication and understatement, on some songs Harrison operates so close to something that is genuinely called Roots Music. His sound on the lap steel or resonator slide guitar is down to earth even when he is cautious not to let too many edges thru. In this surrounding, I know purists will damn me for this, even a electric piano and a singing fretless bass are exceptionally well suited simply because they fit in the overall picture and underline Harrisons intention, it’s not a typical, but an original blues album, that will probably not just satisfy blues fans. Modest, not insistent, less stormy, more lightfooted, but still powerful and with special musical substance.  A very remarkable 1st by the Lance Harrison Band."
(Karl Leitner, bluesnews 46)

"His compositions reveal a genuine personality with a fertile imagination" 
- Soul Bag Magazine, FR

"'No Rest For the Wicked' is an album to be recommend not only to blues friends, and to visit a Lance Harrison Band concert is rewarding every time.” 
- Neue Rheinische Zeitung

“Although he does feel inspired by blues artists like Muddy Waters and Blind Willie Johnson and you can feel the blues in each of his songs, Mr. Harrison does not wear musical blinders. Each and every song tells its own special story, that also reflects in his music. “I don’t want to just spit out the stories. They’re like people, each one has it’s individual character.”
- bluesnews - 11. Jahrgang Ausgabe 45 April-Juni 2006